Do You Want To Feel Good About Your Parenting?

Train yourself to feel worthy, then you will be able to see worthiness in your child. 
By learning to feel good about yourself, your parenting, and your child!
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It’s Time To Feel Good About Your Parenting

How To Feel Good
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Dear Parents! It must be frustrating to know about unconditional love and yet not be able to actually feel it for your children when they are acting out. You know the right thing to do yet it seems you do everything wrong. That has to be depressing. Conventional parenting education tells you to avoid feelings […]

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Feel Good – Facing a Crying Child

How To Feel Good
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If a child annoys you by unreasonably crying all day long,  perhaps, you are looking for the solution in the wrong place. Instead, look inside you, work on your own fears, and you will be surprised how your child will start being influenced by a change in your mood. Below we offer the stream of […]

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My Child Is Crying! Help Me!

Articles for parents
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Time to time I receive messages from mothers about their crying toddlers. In the beginning I was patient enough to explain the depth of the issue and possible solutions to their problem. Now my reaction is “Here we go again!” I wonder, don’t these mothers read my responses or articles? How many times should I […]

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Why Are You Crying?

Parenting Advice
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A 3 year old cries annoyingly several times a day, every day. Her mother asks her, “Why are you crying?” The child replies, “I crying.” Mother says, “Yes, I know you are crying but why?” The child repeats her response. Mom is sure that her daughter is not hurt or hungry or unhappy, so why […]

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Self-Liberating Teenager

Child Development
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Your teenager is gradually exiting childhood. For many parents this period is very challenging. It is a parenting test. Has your teenager accumulated enough sense of security and is ready to go to the world without any supervision on your part? Or is he looking for the security of peer approval? If this is so, […]

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Jessica’s Daily Affirmation

How To Feel Good
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Life is supposed to feel good! If you want to know how to feel good, ask Jessica. This toddler won’t throw tantrums out of nothing because she learns that feeling good about her life is exciting morning task. How can it be otherwise if “My whole house is great! ” “I love my dad!” “I […]

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What Helps To Feel Good?

How To Feel Good
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Honestly speaking, it is very frustrating when someone says “Be happy!” when you are not. When a new born cries, when a four year old throws tantrums, when a teenager rebels against you, and on the top of this, your spouse just left you – how is it possible to stay happy? No, it is […]

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Dignity – What’s That, Sam?

It's All About Dignity
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The story about a teenager who run away from home toward adventures and discoveries about his dignity. The boy is thinking on the questions such as what is the truth about him, what is his human value and price, what is intelligence and why are we here. The book will be ready for sale in spring 2012.

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Self-Liberating School-Age Child

Child Development
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There are many theories of child development. However we consider the child’s development as self-liberation. A child is liberating himself from dependencies and fears moving toward freedom. He goes through the infant, toddler, preschooler, school-age, and teenage stages. In this article we discuss the major challenges a school-age child faces in his self-liberation: testing social skills and […]

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Hi, I Am an Imperfect Parent!

AHA! Process for Parents

Dear parents! I continue producing simple presentations explaining the ideas of the book Parenting For Everyone, the focus of this website, and coming parenting workshops. Sincerely, UpParent

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