111. Parenting is the science about the art of upbringing

by Aigul Aubanova on February 11, 2010

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So it begins…

A big work on attempting to understand the roots of humanity in people. Soloveychik’s first chapter is short. As a short but deep inhaling of air before running for a long journey, a journey of understanding the science about the art of child-rearing.

Why the art? As each individual is unique, each childhood is unique. Each child’s way to grow may become a masterpiece of a talented parent, unique for each child, or it may become an ugly picture of unjust and heartless parent. It’s an art because you need a talent to raise a child, talent of faith, hope and love. These concepts belong to an art category.

Why the science? Because there are laws there. Knowing those laws is essential. If we don’t learn about them naturally from our parents, we have to learn about them from life, from our children, or from other people, the hard way. As Soloveychik says, “We all have to teach each other, because we cannot teach little children.”

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Ubanzeh olachi alexandra September 14, 2011 at 7:36 am

Parents has a lot to do in upbringing of a child


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