1111. Stages of self-liberation on the road from birth to birth

by Aigul Aubanova on March 17, 2010

in Zone of PFE book

There are many different stages of human development. In his book Parenting For Everyone Simon Soloveychik offers his unique view on this process. He calls it self-liberation, which each person goes through from birth to death. At birth people are liberated for life. Then, stage after stage people are liberating themselves from dependencies of life, for freedom. Free people are fully responsible for their lives. At death the process ends by gaining freedom from any responsibility.

In fact what we are doing every day is that we are liberating ourselves from our problems by solving them. So do our children in their lives. They are doing their day to day routine overcoming their helplessness, to become empowered, moving from dependence to independence. If parents get used to looking at their children this way their attitude toward their chidlren would become better. Consequently, their children would too.

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