1112. Parenting without lofty words is deceptive

by Aigul Aubanova on March 18, 2010

in Zone of PFE book

Nobody is surprised when legal documents start with definitions. If we want to set clear responsibilities between parties of the contract we need to use concepts with clear meaning. Same with parenting. If we want to understand clearly our roles and relations in the business of raising children we need to use clear words.

What are our goals in childrearing? What kind of person do we want our child to grow up to be? For example, we want our child to grow as a caring, responsible and successful adult with qualities of leadership and strong will. Adolf Hitler had these qualities. To some degree he was successful in his endeavors. He was a strong willed leader. He could be caring toward his girlfriend and his dog. Doesn’t this example suggest that we need to be careful in choosing the words describing our parenting goals?

Simon Soloveychik offers to readers definitions of clear parenting purposes, which people consider lofty words. Without these words parenting inevitably becomes a lie, he states.

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