112. It is better to be complex than to be wrong

by Aigul Aubanova on February 11, 2010

in Zone of PFE book

Why was the subject of upbringing considered to be one of the most difficult tasks, art of the arts? Three parts are involved in upbringing: the parent, the child, and the relationship between them. These three variables are unknown. When parenting books address parents they usually describe to parents peculiarities of a child’s development, and tips to improve the relationship between them. But those books may or may not work because one variable is left behind: knowledge about the parent. “What kind of knowledge is it ,” you may ask, “I know all about myself!” Yes, and no. Therefore many parents are still disappointed about their children, about the parenting books, about their life. Parenting is complex. But if you look for an easy way, it may be wrong.

Soloveychik states, “It does not matter how high destiny lifts a man, or how low fate plunges him – his happiness or unhappiness is in his children. The older we become the more we understand this.”

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