*113. Upbringing must be unnoticeable

by Aigul Aubanova on February 12, 2010

in Zone of PFE book

Parenting For Everyone doesn’t tell parents how to discipline a difficult toddler, or to talk to a rebellious teenager so that the teenager obeys. It doesn’t give instructions or ready recipes on how to deal with troubled children. Instead it draws parents’ attention to ordinary children, to the way they grow, so that they don’t become troubled in the future. The book investigates the laws of raising children. What is possible and impossible in raising children? What real power do parents have? What results follow from what actions? What are those laws and truths of the science of upbringing?

Soloveychik states that if parents dealt more with ordinary children, there would be less difficult ones.

Teaching parents to teach children, itself, touches a parent’s personality. Nobody wants to feel like “a dummy” when experts tell them what to do. So the author’s approach is different. He offers his own forty years of experience in dealing with children, his own discoveries and wisdom gathered from deep research on the laws of upbringing. One of them is that upbringing must be unnoticeable. If you want to teach somebody how to live do it unnoticeable.

Interesting, what do we know about “Where do GOOD children come from?”

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Upparent February 12, 2010 at 8:37 pm

All chapters with asterisk are offered in the website for reading. This chapter http://www.parentingforeveryone.com/113_on_upbringing


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