114. Children make life complicated; however, they help us manage ourselves

by Aigul Aubanova on February 19, 2010

in Zone of PFE book

Children make life complicated, they challenge us, they test us. It isn’t just that an another human being is added to the family with all the physical demands for space, food, clothes, and toys. It’s because of demands for love and justice in our home – that is why life becomes complicated. People, who think of having a baby, need to remember that there will be difficult times when the generosity of their hearts and availability of conscience will be challenged. Soloveychik calls it sphere of ethics.

The challenges usually are hidden under the questions starting with “What to do if the child…?” And parents hope that if they find the answer and solve the problem their life will become easier. But they would be better off looking for the roots of the problems instead. The sooner they start searching the better.

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