118. The image of Ideal Child stops being ideal, in terms of being "perfect"

by Aigul Aubanova on March 2, 2010

in Zone of PFE book

Parents are used to underestimating the importance of the fact that there are two images in their mind when they grow up children. All troubles stem from ignoring this fact. It is because when children are small parents think for them and tell them what to do. When children become adults and live in society, parents expect them to think for themselves and not wait till other people tell them what to do.

Here they are – our children. Still boys and girls, striving to be independent. They are unskilled, clumsy, messing things up, loud, when we want quiet, and quiet when we want them to be assertive, in one word – imperfect. Do we need to mold them to be perfect children and push their spirits down, or do we hold back our teaching passion and let them make their mistakes, which hopefully they out grow by the time they are adults?

Therefore, it is a necessary to ponder on the second image of an Ideal Woman or an Ideal Man now, when our children are still small. Who we want them to become like? What is the goal of our upbringing?

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