What intelligence are we talking about?

On Intelligence

by Aigul Aubanova on January 6, 2011

in By S.Soloveychik

But for that we must find a blending point of intelligence and heart.  Intelligence – is cold, heart – is hot.  A “fevered mind” is a sign of disease, “frozen feelings” is a sign of a troubled heart.  How can we join non-joinable things, ice and fire?  To join them – in order that the ice becomes colder, and the fire becomes hotter; and that intelligence and feelings of a child develop stronger?

Approaching the solution of the unsolvable let’s clarify what intelligence is meant here.

Not the intelligence, which is developed by a Rubik’s cube and cross-word puzzles.

Not the intelligence, which allows skillful kids to solve tasks of mathematics and physics.

Not the intelligence, which lives in fingers of a boy who makes marvels with his father’s tools.

Not the intelligence, which lets even a fifth grade student make cunning financial operations and always be left with a gain.

Not the intelligence, which develops in a girl who can attract the heart of a selected boy by only one glance and word.

Not the intelligence, which a man uses for penetrating into the souls of other people to see through them and manage them.

And not even that witted intelligence, which people use to avoid all troubles in their way, turn away from the most difficult situations…

All these aspects of intelligence are important and necessary because without them there wouldn’t be science, or techniques, or society, without them people wouldn’t be able to live. These qualities of the mind are given by nature, by education, and by life experiences. But upbringing gives that intelligence, which is most important for life. Pushkin writes about it in his wonderful sketch,

From the western seas to the eastern gates

Not many intellectuals can discern straight and sturdy goodness

From evil …

Here is intelligence! A rare intelligence to discern between good and evil; intelligence for seeking and learning the truth; intelligence, which forms the foundation of a human spirit and, together with love, defines its power.

Parenting For Everyone, by S.Soloveychik, Book2 Part 3 Chapter 2

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