Conditions of Upbringing

Book one: Man for Man

Part 2: Conditions of Upbringing


1. There is an art of upbringing, and there is a science about that art – parenting.

2. For whom are the scientific books about the art of upbringing written?

3. Parenting faith lives in us.

4. Commonplace parenting faith meets unexplainable results.

5. Faith is the same, common sense is the same, but conditions change enormously.

6. In old times parental faith was strengthened by fear.

7. Children are different now.

8. One of the most important changes is in the work environment.

9. In the past the goals of upbringing were different.

10. Do you know how much time parents spend communicating with their children?

11. Nothing will work if we are guided by forceless faith.

12. Maybe there is upbringing without upbringing.

13. I teach one thing and he learns another.

14. It seems to me that I found the essence of upbringing.

15. There is one moral law.

16. What to do if you’re encroached upon is the wrong question.

17. Everything related to the goals of men, is their spirituality, and everything related to means – morality.

18. The father teaches a moral lesson: don’t encroach, by immoral means, by encroaching.

19. Culture or morality?

20. Vicious mother means the whole world is vicious.

21. We have to refuse some goals if we can’t reach them without encroaching upon our child.

22. We must make a choice.

23. Upbringing is different but the result is the same.

24. I hate you! How to decrease evil, one atom less.

25. There are two parenting faiths.

26. Let a child love somebody!

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