Do Parents Know Their Parenting Goals?

by Aigul Aubanova on November 5, 2006

in Articles for parents

Most of parents do not know, or do not think of their parenting goals.

When you have a child, you don’t think of childrearing as a life project, which needs goal setting and alike stuff. Many of those who think, they say that a goal of their parenthood is “to be a good parent.” I think, it is selfish, even though sounds right. To be a good parent – means still thinking of me as parent, how good am I, or bad? The focus is given to myself, not to my child. Seldom parents think, how good as a man my child becomes? They assume by default that if I am a good parent, then my child is a good man, authomatically.

Unfortunately here is a trap. Have you heard moans like “I was doing everything right, teaching my child right things, but he (or she) disappoints me.” Familiar? That is what begins with not knowing parenting goals at the very beginning…

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