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It’s Time To Feel Good About Your Parenting

by Aigul Aubanova on November 8, 2013

in How To Feel Good

Dear Parents!

It must be frustrating to know about unconditional love and yet not be able to actually feel it for your children when they are acting out. You know the right thing to do yet it seems you do everything wrong. That has to be depressing. Conventional parenting education tells you to avoid feelings such as anger or hatred, but these feeling are normal. You don’t want to be told that you are a bad parent, you want real help.

In your search for help you probably found that quick-fix parenting advice led to endless battles for power between you and your children. Even if you succeeded temporarily you still had no peace of mind because you had to be ready for yet another battle. But you want peace! You want true love between you and your children. The good news is – you can actually find peace and love, and quick enough, except it lies not in fixing your children, but fixing the way you think about yourself.

When you have a strong desire for a true loving relationship between you and your children then you must be ready to work on your thinking habits. Other good news is – you have a helper. When you are in the middle of negative emotions you can’t think straight, but you can read prepared suggestions to help you. The help comes not from pointing out how bad a parent you are; this will only make you feel frustrated. The help comes from a process which leads your thoughts step by step, one thought at a time, one relief at a time toward feeling better.

It is a very gradual procedure, going from feeling depressed to feeling anger and hatred, then to revenge and frustration, then to less frustration and some irritation, and then to relief and hope… When you reach the hopeful level – now you are in the positive zone! Then and only then you will be able to follow suggestions about acceptance, appreciation, confidence, power, freedom, worthiness, love, and bliss!

This process is based on the Law of Attraction. According to this law people attract circumstances depending on what they are feeling (vibrating). If they feel fear – fear happens to them. If they feel good – they attract goodness. The same applies to parenting. However, the process of changing emotions (vibrations) is a gradual one, moving you up the emotional scale.

Now, do you feel it’s time to pass from theory to practice? Do you feel it’s time to feel good about your parenting? If you are ready you can always start practicing your new thinking habits by using the FeelGoood (former Feel Good Now) application available to you.

I would like now to introduce myself. I am Aigul Aubanova, an independent researcher in the field of parenting, a co-translator of “Parenting For Everyone,” a co-author of “Dignity What’s That, Sam?”, a FasterEFT practitioner level II, and an Abraham Hicks follower. For many years I have been working on the question “How can I help parents to improve their relationship with children?” and now I have the answer.

I developed the FeelGoood app for iPhone/Android phones. The app is free. Those who don’t have cell phones can use free FeelGoood web app available on the website The process is based on the teachings of Abraham Hicks. This app presents a stream of affirmations, or thought suggestions. There is a general emotional scale, and a few specific scales. I gathered the best affirmations into this Feel Good Now application. Use it, try it, and feel good!

More good news! The FeelGoood (former Feel Good Now) app can be customized to your specific situation at your request. This customized version is offered for a charge. I also give a guarantee for your success during 30 days. How can I make this guarantee? Well, during 30 days you read the customized emotional scale every day, and send me a brief report of your progress by email. I make necessary corrections on the scale and give further coaching every day. If by the end of this period you don’t achieve desirable results, I promise to return your money.

So, how much would the customized app and coaching cost you? I would like to give the first ten people requesting this product a generous discount, which includes free coaching for 30 days.

You have nothing to lose!

You have everything to gain! How would you measure the happiness of your relationship with your children? How much would it cost in saved headaches, saved heartaches, prevented stress, misery, depression, and overall health issues? Add the value of the happiness of your children, the prevented illnesses! And you realize that nothing is more important than feeling good!

For individual support and customized app use our FeelGoood mentorship.


The following response was sent to me from a woman who had problems with her step children. After the first day she wrote:

Wow, what a wonderful tool, thank you so much :-)

I just went through all the slides and now I feel much better than half an hour ago. First I was a little bit nervous and worried about the right time and whether I was in the right kind of energy. But then I was much too excited and wanted to try it so I just did it as I had a nice long quiet lunch break. I don’t have that every day so I’m still figuring out what time of day would be best and most doable to stick to every day. Here’s what I felt about the slides today: tears of relief that my feelings are normal a little burning feeling in my belly, doubt amused when I pictured myself throwing a fit and being allowed to do things to people by slide 30/31 I was already feeling a bit better

48: :-) relief

59: some uneasiness, bec. I don’t want to care about the relationship with the kids and don’t want to admit that I might want them to like me

64: :-)))

66: feels interesting

72: can’t take it yet, want them out of my life 73: much better

74 :-) “magically easy” goes down REALLY well

79: peace

80: interesting

83: really am feeling them :))

84: yes

89: :-)

96: nice …

119… not quite there yet

138 not quite there but interesting perspective

146 feels so good from then all the slides felt kind of good and I enjoyed the feeling place. I’m looking forward to practicing every day :-)”


The following response was from the same woman after 15 days of the process:

“What a great string of pearls.. ehm… thoughts. :-)

Thank you!  I enjoy being focused more and more and am remembering to think of the purple area ever more often during the day. I’ve already memorized some of the statements and am learning to use them deliberately but I also enjoy just thinking of single words that make me feel good. Worthiness :-) Love :-) Appreciation :-) (I’ve written them around my mirror.) I also like to breathe space in my body, especially my chest and belly. And thank you for reminding me that I’m actually doing this myself, to acknowledge my deliberate creation even more. I am a powerful creator and I am creating my wonderful life! I love the fact that I am creating my life. Let’s get that momentum rolling!


This was after the 16th day:

“I’m currently experiencing an interesting phenomenon: I am focusing on the vortex version of the kids more and more through the bluish cards. The actual children are currently living some contrast with their father and it’s not sure whether they will be with us this coming weekend. While I can still feel some uneasy feelings when I hear about what they say or do, I can pivot much more quickly and focus on their vortex version, my worthiness no matter what and what I really want. I really like that :-)”


The following were reviews from women who used the general scale (free version.)

“For at least six weeks I was in an emotional slump and nothing seemed to get me out of it. Then I did the Feel Good App just once and I could not believe how for the first time I felt again the urge to do something, get motivated, and at the end of the program even looking forward to going ahead with a task that I dreaded to do. It felt like magic, it was just amazing! The color coding of the 7-point scales is much easier and more logical than the conventional 1-10 scale. Since I am deaf, the visual approach of the scale was ideal for me.”


“I used the Feel Good Now app and when I read the affirmations they helped stop my anger. I went from being emotional to being calm. This gave me the ability to reason better, and realize that what I was angry about was something from the past that is not really important now. I could even laugh about it and let it go. In this stress filled world, Aigul has created a tool that can help people find calm and peace”



So, are you ready? You can start with the free app any time! Search for the app “FeelGoood” by Aigul Aubanova in Apple’s app store or Google Play store. Or visit the website

Or, get your customized emotional scale.

What will you get?

100 % guarantee of your investment back if you get no results.

I develop a customized version for your specific situation, for a charge.

30 days you read and feel and write to me a report email.

30 days I make corrections, give support and provide further coaching, for free.

For the first ten people it will cost you $150.

Does this look like an amazing deal?

If so, here is a  next step.

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