Goals of Upbringing

Book one: Man for Man

Part 1: Goals of Upbringing


1. Parenting is the science of the art of upbringing. 

2. It is better that it is complicated than deceiving.

3. Upbringing must be unnoticeable.

4. Children make life complicated; however, they help us manage ourselves.

5. The detny condition: children are interesting to those in the detny condition.

6. Why do we have children?

7. The image of Ideal Child lives in our minds.

8. You cannot bring up your child by my image.

9. The first goal of upbringing is independence.

10. A child is developed by his own self-liberation.

11. There are 7 stages of self-liberation on the road from birth to birth.

12. Parenting without lofty words and concepts is deceptive.

13. Love and conscience lead the world.

14. What is the main word in this phrase?

15. If we want our children to become kind and honest, we must believe in kindness and honesty.

16. How can we raise good children in bad conditions?

17. How to prepare our child to have an independent life among other children at school?

18. Prohibitions of a science of parenting, or what is possible and what is impossible to do.

19. Do you know what happiness is?

20. Language is the main teacher of a nation.

21. Wish your children happiness.

22. The art of upbringing is in imparting to a child a burning desire of happiness.

23. It seems to us that we give too much to children, but in fact, we constantly don’t give them enough of something very important.

24. One person ponders the minutes of happiness in his life, they totaled four.

25. The mechanism of happiness always triggers a man to action.

26. Happiness is when duty and truth go together.

27. Duty is a joyful component of happiness.

28. When a man’s spiritual strivings are satisfied he feels happy.

29. Children learn happiness in childhood.

30. Stress is harmful for child’s spirit and health.

31. Work of soul is aimed against stress.

32. The moral codex of children reveals the main quality of a man.

33. Be yourself!

34. The truth is the key concept of upbringing, of a spiritual life.

35. The truth is a measure of a man.

36. The best security of a man is people’s respect.

37. Two problems parents have; how to raise a kind, honest and truthful man, and how then he will live.

38. When thinking of the virtues of children we face insoluble contradictions.

39. Upbringing power is a spiritual power to unite contradictions.

40. The success of our upbringing depends on whether we can draw our child to the ideal image and whether this image meets the image of Man.

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