It’s All About Dignity

by Aigul Aubanova on March 14, 2009

in Introductory Notes

This is it. The idea was tormenting, agonising, and, finally, is rupturing: the idea that the concept of dignity is desperately lacking attention and deserves recognition of the public. No one seems to be interested. The Wikipedia editors were arguing a lot and finally resumed with the statements that dignity is related to politics and philosophy, mainly as a need for human rights. That’s it. Nothing about dignity in each person’s life, as a value each person treasures most of all, as an inherent gift of God, which people take for granted until they are deprived of it. Oh, then they cry about it. My Goodness, what did you do with my dignity!

I started the long work of pondering on this concept some day after I read the book of a famous Russian educator and philosopher of 1the 1980s, Simon Soloveychik. He wrote the book Parenting For Everyone, which initially looked like a regular parenting book on how to raise good children. However, it isn’t just a book. It is a huge knot of knowledge on how man becomes man, how he discovers the truth about him, his dignity. This is the book, which I can compare, perhaps, only with a bible. The more you read it the more you learn. There is no limit to even deeper learning about the Man and his dignity.

The truth about a man, the meaning of life, the essense of happiness and grief, afterall, it’s all about dignity. This is what I want to write about. This is a challenge because I have to prove that dignity as a concept deserves to be rediscovered and used in its prestine meaning, that intuitively people feel it, know it, and they want to know what it is.

I write this and I fear to write. How dare I? If I knew there is anybody who would do this job I’d be happy and happily do something else, more enjoyable, more gratifying than pondering on human actions and the reasons for them. To my greatest grief Simon Soloveychik died in 1996. His baton is laying on the ground since then. Somebody should pick it up and run with it.

By A.Aubanova

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