Junk Food for Thought

by Aigul Aubanova on March 14, 2009

in It's All About Dignity

Junk food is pervasive in modern society. Preservatives abound, our junk food has a longer shelf life and lasts longer than many marriages. Sad to say, our language has also become fast foodish. The intent of this article is to take the time to ponder deep thoughts and ideals which are ignored by the majority of folks who prefer substitutes concepts as they prefer white bread to whole wheat bread. There are people out there who know deep in their hearts, deep in their souls that there is wholesome, healthier food out there.

Today’s buzz words describing the value of a person include self-esteem, responsibility, integrity, etc. If only if we look at their roots, we find they are derivates of other words. People use these words to substitute something highly valuable, something that belongs to every person on earth, something that everyone can relate to. Not everyone has self esteem. Not everyone who has self esteem knows about self esteem. However there is a word, an old word, which, if you have it, you know it, if you don’t have it – you cry… It’s a beautiful word, it is Dignity.

Some kitchens are rediscovering the recipes of our ancestors. Too often we hear about “_________ (fill in the blank) with dignity” – parenting with dignity, death with dignity, life with dignity. People do remember that Dignity is important somehow, so they offer it as a condiment to other concepts, to dignify those concepts. However, Dignity is not a condiment which we can season other food with. It is itself a healthy main dish.

We need to go back to Dignity itself and this article will strive to do just that.  We hope that you will join us in this discourse, addressing Dignity in its purest form without preservatives, additives and food coloring. It’s time to throw the junk food out and savor the taste of a long forgotten real meal.

By V. Dull 2009

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