Means of Upbringing

Book one:  Man for Man

 Part 3: Means of Upbringing


1. Why does upbringing succeed?

2. Passion for teaching in human beings is one of the first passions and it is very strong.

3. There are two foundations in parenting: psychology and ethics.

4. What can we do if a child is difficult?

5. To have a good attitude towards a child means to win over the evil parental passions in us.

6. We raise not a child but a man.

7. Please treat me as a man – please believe in me!

8. Suspicion is especially dreadful for our children’s souls

9. Please treat me as a man – rely on me.

10. Hope is a good thing in upbringing!

11. Please understand me!

12. How difficult is a child’s life by comparison with an adult’s.

13. Is the child always guilty in our eyes?

14. Mother accepts a child, father understands.

15. Be magnanimous to me!

16. Those fathers didn’t allow any freedom.

17. I am different!

18. Don’t use me in your selfish endeavors!

19. Don‘t be afraid for me!

20. Be patient with me!

21. This is a hard time of “twos.”

22. Teen age is a test for parental love and faithfulness

23. Old parental faith contains three conventional models of upbringing.

24. Let’s determine that to weed out faults is a senseless act.

25. The world doesn’t stand on fines and rewards.

26. Children soften our hearts by their existence, by their laughter and antics.

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