Parenting Failure or Success?

by Aigul Aubanova on November 7, 2006

in Articles for parents

Well known self-help books, motivating people for self-improvement, say that everything what men achieve is rooted in their inner thoughts. Good thoughts produce good results, bad thoughts – bad. It is alright. The sad thing is that people must work for improvement, by their soul, that is hard because bad thoughts are deeply rooted in mind. From men’s early life they get those bad thoughts, negative thoughts, from their parents, from people influential to their lives.

The idea is here: while we are parents now, why not help our children to get right seeds to root in their minds and right desires to root in their hearts? Why not, indeed.

Instead, parents are obsessed by “parenting” their children into better grades, better behavior, discipline, etc, etc, what is considered to be “parenting” during many years of psychobabble boom.

Soloveychik speaks exactly about that – about the roots of good desires and good thoughts to infect children, to inspire them for their future strivings. This is what is missing in parenting and what is available in the book Parenting For Everyone.

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