Parenting For Everyone, English Edition

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First published in 1/20/2008, in the United States of America

Parenting For Everyone contains three books:
The first book, Man for Man, is devoted to parents, their parenting goals and reality of parenting.
The second book, Man in Man, is explaining development of children, their emotions and morality.
The third book, Man and Man, describes healthy relationship between parents and children.
17 open chapters included! See full Book Content

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Simon Soloveychik

Simon L'vovich SoloveychikThe author of Parenting For Everyone, the best Russian pedagogue, philosopher, and writer in the field of free and alternative education. More About S.Soloveychik

Foreword from Translators

Translators of Parenting For Everyone

For the first time has the honor of offering you Parenting For Everyone in English language.  It is a matter of sharing the jewels of this book with the rest of the world. Aigul Aubanova and Victor Dull    Read more..

Parenting Concept

Logo Parenting For Everyone

Parenting For Everyone book represents a concise three-point child development system, utilizing the ideas of progressive philosophers and educators from a span of centuries.   Read more..

Compare with other parenting experts!

Dear parents! You look for the answers on “How to” questions. But the solutions to your parenting problems answer the question “Why.”
Why does my child lie to me?
Why doesn’t my teenager trust me?
Why is my preschooler mad and throwing tantrums?
Why does my daughter use drugs when I try hard to be a good parent?
Why does my son break the law?
Why under the same conditions some families bring up good children and other families – bad ones?

The education of parents starts by pondering on tough questions. A book Parenting For Everyone has the answers.

This book is like a parenting bible. You will learn from it constantly during your life. And your children will read it to raise their children in the future.

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Deborah Meier January 7, 2008 at 7:13 pm

I read it and loved it… It ought to have an audience in America… Thank you very much for having shared it with me. What a remarkable man, and what a wonderful story.
Deborah Meier, Educational reformer, writer and activist


Regina B.Jensen January 7, 2009 at 7:14 pm

“In a world such as ours, where so many of our freedoms are quietly pulled out from under us, and where we have certainly long lost our inner freedom of thought, along comes a very encouraging book: Parenting for Everyone. The effort Aigu Aubanova and Victor Dull have put forth in translating the work of legendary Russian educator Simon Soloveychik feels like a breath of fresh air ready to invigorate every serious teacher and parent.”
Regina B. Jensen, Ph.D., Editor: Space of Love Magazine


neha January 22, 2014 at 11:52 am

I am having 8 years old daughter
tell me something about parenting


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