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Parenting For Everyone – what is this book about?

Logo Parenting For Everyone

Logo - Parenting For Everyone

The book represents the author’s development of a concise three-point childrearing system, utilizing the ideas of philosophers and educators from a span of centuries.  

To understand this system the author divides his book into three sections:  

Book one, Man For Man, is devoted to parents.  

Generally parents don’t have clear parenting goals.  If a business doesn’t have clear goals not one serious project can be accomplished.  The same goes for parenting; raising children is the most dearest project. 

Sometimes even when parents have clear parenting goals the results of upbringing are not successful.  It is because their goals are of the finite type (eg. good grades, a satisfactory career, a nice house).  However, the human soul is born to strive for infinite goals (eg. make a big difference, develop creativity, reach internal freedom). 

On the other hand even when parents have infinite goals the results of parenting may not be satisfactory. The reason is that even for good goals not all means are good.  There is a strict condition in parenting – only certain means work in raising happy, honest and good children. If properly understood, this condition leads parents to derive satisfaction and joy from their children.  

Logo book 1 -Man for Man

Logo book 1 -Man for Man

The first book explains to parents that their duty is to help their child become a Man.  It explains the goals, means, and conditions of upbringing. In the logo above, the infinite goals of parents are represented by the sun. These goals are happiness, freedom, beauty, goodness, and truth.  The modern conditions of upbringing and moral means are represented by the ground. 

Book two, Man in Man, is devoted to children.

How does a man become a Man?  The second book discloses the roots of humanity in people.  Moral people have a common human quality – they are able to love other people.  This ability is referring to their developed heart.  How does heart develop in a child?  Parenting exterts assume that parents know.  However, many don’t.

The second common human quality of moral people is intelligence.  The book answers the question what is intelligence?  It is knowledge of what is good and evil, or as modern psychology says, it is an ability to make the right choices.  So, how does intelligence develop in a child?  The author gives a very unique and comprehensive answer. 

Logo book2 Man in Man

Logo book2 Man in Man

According to the logo the second book describes the upbringing of heart, intelligence and spirit of children. In the picture the flower represents spirit of a child, the leaves – heart and moral intelligence.

Book three, Man and Man, describes the relationship between parents and children.

Most good authors on parenting write about how to talk to children so that they listen, how to avoid tantrums and bad behavior, etc.  They describe communication and cooperation between parents and children, the foundation for bonding. Simon Soloveychik calls this moral means.  He takes the idea further by describing co-creativity, where if parents want their children to become like-minded people. This is what other books miss.

Logo book3 Man and Man

Logo book3 Man and Man

The third book is devoted to the moral ways of upbringing, the only ways to reach the hearts and minds of children. In our logo communication is represented by the roots of the flower. Parents feed the roots of humanity in children. Cooperation, wherein parents work together with children on children’s development, is represented by the stem. When parents instill in children the desire for happiness and internal freedom they do it through co-creativity (the sun’s rays).

The three pictures combined represent the ideal image of a three-point system of the parent-child relationship, focusing on the development of the internal world of a child. Logo of Parenting For Everyone ___________________________________________________

Children are our dearest investment. It is up to us parents to help them to become our dearest assets and not liabilities for society.  Find the answers that no other parenting books provide!  Before it is too late … Order the book now

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