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It happens: you walk through life in search for the truth, and all of a sudden you find the book, which echoes your internal beliefs, which answers your questions and sharpens your intuition.  This book, Parenting For Everyone, has such a quality: it enriches life forever with new struggles, challenges and rewards.  The greatest intangible reward is a better understanding of the relationship with your child, it is peace of mind, happiness, which can only be brought by a good attitude from your grown up children in the future.  The reward is also tangible when you see your child grows generous, confident, and striving for the highest endeavors.  This book has happened to us and we would like to share it with you.

The greatest mistake parents make now days is that they try to find a quick fix approach to parenting to help them to make life with children convenient as long as possible.  But sooner or later children make life inconvenient again, following their needs and strivings.  Then parents make another mistake: they begin to blame children, or children’s “bad” genes, or lack of time, or conditions of life, etc.  However, what they really need to do is to acquire valuable knowledge about their parental goals and means of upbringing, knowledge of the parenting laws, which work independently from us.  At business school we study business communication.  At parental school we must study human communication with children.

This knowledge is represented in the book of the Russian philosopher S.L.Soloveychik, Parenting For Everyone.  For the first time has the honor of offering you this book in the English language.  There are many enlightening statements, jewels, which run throughout the book, making it fascinating reading. Many of these jewels are in the hands of many cultures and nations already; it is a matter of sharing those jewels with the rest of the world.

Aigul Aubanova and Victor Dull, translators of the book

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