by Aigul Aubanova on November 3, 2006

in Introductory Notes

My passion is research on parenting field. Since 2000 I have been doing this research and yet it never bored me out. On the contrary! I see more and more facts to prove my conviction: Simon Soloveychik was right! S.Soloveychik is the author of the book Parenting For Everyone, which my husband and I interpreted into English and which is in the process of publishing.

Somewhere inside of their souls some mothers and fathers feel that their hearts are lacking love to their children. They won’t tell anybody, but they feel it. They know other parents can give their children more because they are generous by their magnanimity, tactfulness to children.

Somewhere inside of their conscience some mothers and fathers feel they lack intelligence to explain to their children what is happiness, what is freedom, what is dignity, and what is the difference between dignity and self-esteem.

Don’t close your eyes on these questions! Children look for the answers when they are seven and when they are seventeen. If we don’t answer right, they will learn it wrong.

This is my passion. I can’t tell everything what is in my mind: too much to say.


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