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Quick Fix Approach

By S.Soloveychik
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Maybe some day people will create a world that doesn’t require fixing. Once things are made they would serve well. Once a man is grown up he would just live. The world would develop without even the idea of having to repair things, to correct mistakes, or to re-educate children.

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Good Parenting vs Bad Parenting

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Most parents focus their efforts on confrontation with a child. Therefore, there are constant discipline issues, a tiring power struggle with the child. When children grow up and leave home parents may find themselves all alone for the rest of their lives. Good parents focus on cooperation. It requires sacrifice on the part of parents, devotion to the education […]

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Parenting Hottest Topic -Discipline

It's All About Dignity
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One day a friend of mine, a father of four children, asked me, “What do you think of disciplining children?” “What do you mean exactly?” “How would you discipline a six years old child if he takes things from a neighbor’s home without asking permission?”

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