Why AHA!Parent ?

AHA! Process for Parents
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Turn your pushed buttons off! Children are your spiritual teachers. When they push your buttons they remind you that there is something you should work on. When you want to improve your child the best result comes from your own work on your own attitudes toward yourself, toward your child, toward the world. Using the […]

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Talent of Freedom – Notes to Free Man

By S.Soloveychik
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THIS HAPPENS ALWAYS: some well known concept suddenly comes out from the shadow to the light, from the ordinary – to the most important. Together with this word move on the values scale something very important in our understanding of a man, the relation of people, is enlightening. Thus, in our eyes, almost forgotten word mercifulness has changed, raised for the first place…

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Have Responsibility – Through Self-Liberation

Articles for parents
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In order to raise responsible children parents give them freedom, hoping that “with freedom comes responsibility” (Eleanor Roosevelt). That is true with one important clarification. “Freedom that leads to responsibility is not given or granted; it is obtained by internal efforts. A child develops not by freedom itself, as some people think, but by the […]

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Dignity, wikipedia version

It's All About Dignity

Each person has a sense of worth or value, sense of the price of his personality, his dignity. Who am I? Am I worthy? What is my value? How much do I cost? What is my real price? What is my true value? What is the truth about me?…

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