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I Hate You

By S.Soloveychik
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Our Matvey is a kindergarten boy, and he is an honest one.  On a question about favorite foods he answers, “Cutlets, juice, potato, and macaroni.” Today we have macaroni for breakfast.  There is only he and I.  He reluctantly pokes at his food and makes a mess around the plate.  In kindergarten he would get […]

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Stubborn 4 year old

Parenting Advice
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Parenting advice to a mother of 4 year old son. A mother says: My 4 years old, son is smart and stubborn. He is in daycare. He refused to go inside because he lost a toy, tried to trick me into taking him back home. I had to physically carry him in after two failed […]

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While Threatening a Child

Articles for parents

It is easy to be a silent advocate of a child who is threatened by her mom, especially when we witness it in public. Desire to blame comes naturally because the scene is nasty and we don’t want our peace to be disturbed by another parent’s experience. We become indignant and accuse in our minds […]

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