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The Image of Dignity

It's All About Dignity
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In order to find an answer to the question “what is dignity?” I was looking for the most relevant image. One day the image of a diamond came to mind. Imagine hills of stones containing uncut diamonds in a diamond mine. They are diamonds in the rough. Yet, each of them has potential value. It […]

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On Conscience

By S.Soloveychik
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The truth distributed in the world – is the foundation of human spirit, the statement about human dignity, the affirmation of the line between good and evil – it lives in people as conscience.¬† Millions of people for thousands of years sought the truth and reached it, and so, gradually the common knowledge (science), the […]

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Audacity of Children’s Hope – If Children Had the Words

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We all seem to know what children need. We know what children want. But what do children hope for? If only children had the words! They would be able to express what is inside their souls: the deepest, very human, set of ideals, which each child hopes for. Even adults struggle to find the right […]

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It’s All About Dignity

Introductory Notes

This is it. The idea was tormenting, agonising, and, finally, is rupturing: the idea that the concept of dignity is desperately lacking attention and deserves recognition of the public. No one seems to be interested. The Wikipedia editors were arguing a lot and finally resumed with the statements that dignity is related to politics and […]

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Dignity, wikipedia version

It's All About Dignity

Each person has a sense of worth or value, sense of the price of his personality, his dignity. Who am I? Am I worthy? What is my value? How much do I cost? What is my real price? What is my true value? What is the truth about me?…

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