Upbringing by Communication

Book three: Man and Man

Part 1. Upbringing by Communication 


1. I love you too.

2. Contact, we need contact with children.

3. Common language is the language of desires not of command and obedience.

4. There is a gift of feeling another man.

5. Common secret with a child.

6. Equality of strivings.

7. A voice and a glance, the first instruments of communication.

8. How to look at a child with a kind glance?

9. The poorer a man is emotionally, the less he is able to communicate, the more he is irritable.

10. Who has a right for irritation?

11. Irritation is a feature of vanishing love.

12. Children don’t bear evil in themselves.

13. One person with spirit is enough in successful parenting.


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