Upbringing by Cooperation


Book three: Man and Man

Part 2: Upbringing by Cooperation


1. A child comes to us as a guest.

2. The worst thing in parenting is power battle.

3. Are parents responsible for cooperation with their children?

4. Children and parents are like co-workers in different departments.

5. It seems that he obeys me, but he doesn’t.  We together do something important for us.

6. They don’t listen to me, but they hear me!

7. How is life together with parents?

8. The only person who owes is me.

9. Home chores are the worst beneficial in parenting.

10. There is a law of care.

11.How cooperation with children work?

12. In our family where the culture of request is developed.

13. Work of soul.

14. Money and things.

15. May our home always be beautiful!

16. Instill confidence and help!

17. Remember our goal – increase a child’s dignity.

18. The law of the cat: No one from the outside can improve relationships between two people.

19. We should not be quick to help our children when they collide with the world.

20. Any fault of a child is our, parents, fault.

21. Politeness versus heart hearing.

22. Don’t make difficulties for other people!

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