Upbringing of Spirit

Book two:  Man in Man

 Part 2: Upbringing of Spirit


1. Why can someone kill another man?

2. Personality is the most complicated phenomenon in the Universe.

3. Why in some souls, suddenly good and honest intentions occur, and it other souls the opposite?

4. There is something in the human soul that stands against instincts at their very birth.

5. Conscience is striving for the truth.

6. There are finite and infinite desires.

7. What is the spirit of a man?

8. When we “justify” our actions, we want them to look “just” in people’s eyes.

9. How does spirit occur and develop in a child?

10. What is the truth?

11. Where did he get the idea that to lie is bad, it is a shame?

12. Our business is to raise conscientiousness

13. Conscience versus group morale.

14. Each action of a man is with conscience or against it.

15. The truth, conscience, is a law within me.

16. If a child doesn’t know what conscience is it means there is no justice around the child.

17. Unjust adults strike children.

18. Problems of upbringing turn out to be problems of justice.

19. What is fair in relations with children?

20. Diligence is the first feature of conscientiousness.

21  There is a great “No, I can’t”.

22. There is a hope for better if a bad action of a child is left secret.

23. Should we shame children?

24. Children risk to test their conscience

25. Do I believe in the truth?

26. Goodness is love to people.

27. Do I love people?

28. In our home we say only good things about people.

29. Upbringing power is in direct proportion to the strength of our love for people.

30. How do I choose my future spouse?

31. Beauty has its own role.

32. The higher we go by the levels of spirit the easier and firmer a child learns the laws of people.

33. What does the result of upbringing depend on?

34. Why did she kill her friend?

35. Only the spirit and worthy life conditions, taken together, formulate the dignity of a man.

36. In everything a man does – there are degrees of truth, goodness and beauty.

37. Common laws of parenting.

38. The holy spirit lives in the earth’s inhabitants – in people.

39. Family is the opposite to theatre.

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