Upbringing of Heart

Book two:  Man in Man

 Part 1: Upbringing of Heart 


1. Maybe someday people will create a world that doesn’t require fixing

2. The internal world of a man is purposeful.

3. How does a reliable behavior look like?

4. Desires are personality itself.

5. What does it mean to respect a man?

5. What does it mean to respect a man?

6. Remember that a child has two needs: for safety and for development.

7. Need for safety is divided into two parts: security –I and security – We.

8. When children do unimaginable things and risk their lives, we scold and punish them.

9. The personality of a child is the sum of his habits.

10. New acquisitions call for a new order in the internal world of a child.

11. When a child is under his parents’ control he is the strongest and the weakest.

12. He didn’t know what goodness is.

13. We are gifted with two things: inquisitiveness and imagination.

14. Seven problems, one answer – development.

15. How long does the mechanism for development work?

16. Almost all parental problems have one and the same reason, namely inequality of two developmental programs: natural and cultural.

17. Inquisitiveness is an engine of development.

18. Imagination is a key.

19. A child doesn’t strive to search for the essence of things because he already knows it.

20. Compassion is result of developed imagination.

21. Needs and natural gifts are the foundation of all desires of a child.

22. Soul is developed feelings.

23. Feelings go ahead of thoughts.

24. There is no feeling without faith and hope.

25. Conviction is knowledge, connected by with faith in it.

26. Doubt is part of the process.

27. Knowledge is function of mind, faith is function of soul.

28. For the heart, it needs to believe.

29. Faith is goodness instilled in a child undergoes a serious test in early adolescence.

30. Life without hope is hell.

31. Reliability is adults’ business.

32. That was the first time I realized what love is.

33. To bring up a heart of a child means to manage the child’s joy.

35. Goodness is stronger than evil.

36. It is impossible to indulge a child by joy?

37. We dream our child feel compassion for us, parents.

38. Where does evil come from?

39. If the soul’s movement doesn’t meet a mutual movement from the outside world – it disappears.

40. We ourselves sow the seeds of evil – no one else

41. Any encroachment upon something dear to a man is evil.

42. We try to awaken in a child good feelings for a man.

43. She can’t take anything from a child, just as she can’t take anything from an adult.

44. He didn’t try to bring up his son; he had an appointment with his son.

45. Maybe the secret word is excitement.

46. An evil feeling occurs instantly – the good feeling is put on hold.

47. A feeling cannot be illusory.

48. There are two tasks before us – not to call for evil feelings and to call for good desires in a child’s heart.

49. The greatest source of feeling is first love.

50.  Love is…

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