Upbringing of Intelligence

Book two: Man in Man

Part 3: Upbringing of Intelligence


1. The wrong perception of superiority of mind over feelings.

2. What intelligence do we mean in our book?

3. Postulates of the right image of the world.

4. The world for a child is how he sees it for the first time.

5. We explain to a child how the world is built.

6. Failures are part of life.

7. What are criteria of choices a child makes?

8. There are several levels of moral consciousness.

9. A man steals because he knows he is a theft.

10. There is a firm law called the law of deserved conversationalist.

11. We instill in a child that he is intelligent and he will become intelligent.

12. You are OK and I am OK.

13. A suppressed creature doesn’t dare to think or to wish.

14. The formula of will.

15. When three components of the formula of heart grow to tremendous size people have the genius ability to work.

16. Feeling is oppositely proportional to confidence ( hope and faith).

17. He doesn’t love, he acts.

18. Everything that relates to will is called character.

19. There is a secret in successful parenting.

20. Everything is from nature and everything is from upbringing.

21. While upbringing, let’s learn to work by our soul, intelligence and spirit, let’s teach our child to work by his soul – and a man in a man will grow up, and everything will be alright


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