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by Aigul Aubanova on October 26, 2011

in AHA! Process for Parents

AHA!Parent - cut the roots of Fear tree!

Turn your pushed buttons off!

Children are your spiritual teachers. When they push your buttons they remind you that there is something you should work on. When you want to improve your child the best result comes from your own work on your own attitudes toward yourself, toward your child, toward the world. Using the best parent’s instincts you will bring goodness to your child by transforming into a better person, free from your old emotional attachments. Your child will notice and change as well. This is the law of attraction. We don’t teach you to protect your buttons. We teach you to cut the wire linking them, unplug the electricity feeding the buttons, so they won’t bother you any more.

Here is the situation: your child is wild, your buttons are pushed. You breathe and count to ten. It doesn’t help. You know what to do and what to say. Of course, you read good books. But this time nothing works. You feel helpless. Your patience fails. All your good intentions are exhausted. Now you address your last resort: you yell. Does this sound familiar?

We don’t teach you how to calm down or what to say to your child in this situation. You know enough about that. Here we teach you the way to release you from any problems altogether. Instead of trimming the tree of problems, we teach you to cut its roots.

The AHA!Process – the three steps process: Acknowledge-Heal-Attract.

-Acknowledge emotions;

-Heal them;

-Attract happy feelings.

Problems are surrounding us. Acknowledging problems is the process of recognizing problems and emotions hidden behind them, articulating them, and accepting them. Like leaves on the tree they grow in our lives, reflecting our reality. When we want to get rid of the problems, to throw those leaves away is not enough to prevent other leaves grow instead. We need to dig down to the roots in order to actually kill the whole tree, the Fear tree. Most emotions are derivatives of, or based on, the feeling of fear. The roots of the Fear tree go down to the first negative perceptions and memories of childhood. Some emotions are hidden so deep that we don’t remember them or don’t realize that we have them. But the AHA!Process helps us to find and acknowledge them.

The next step is Healing them. We use the FasterEFT technique (fastereft.com), which is based on activation of Chinese acupuncture points and Neuro-linguistic programming. In this step we program our mind to let the emotions go. We give our mind permission to release the hard memories and/or our emotional attachments to them, i.e. buttons. Leaf by leaf, branch by branch, down the trunk to the roots, and root by root – we release all attachments, and thus, we liberate ourselves toward emotional freedom.

Love treeWhen we kill the roots, we kill the tree. The Fear tree. Now we need to fill in the gap of the dead Fear tree with a fresh Love tree. It is a process of reprogramming our minds with positive affirmations and mental exercises. We replace our old thoughts with the new thoughts in our subconscious mind and thus we are Attracting future positive experiences.

By learning this simple and very powerful process you, parent, can teach your child to do same. Compare to you, your child has a smaller tree. Your child will become free from negative attachments faster. Imagine! Your child won’t have to learn simple rules of happiness the hard way, by suffering for ages. He or she will learn it the Heart way, easy, fast and immediate.

Try it! It works. It is the law of attraction.

…Each morning I call for the best in me, “I am sent a child.  He is a dear guest.  I thank him for his existence.  He is called to this life as am I, and this unites us – we are people; we are living.  He is the same as I am.  He is a man, not a future man, but a man today, and therefore he is different from any other people.  I accept him as I accept another man.  I accept my child… I accept him and protect his childhood.  And I understand, tolerate, accept and forgive him.  I don’t force him.  I don’t humiliate him by my strength because I love him.  I love him and thank him for who he is and for that I can love him, and thus, I elevate in my own spirit.” 

Simon Soloveychik, from Parenting For Everyone


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Caroline Thom February 3, 2012 at 8:06 am

This sounds very interesting…. I could do with turning my push buttons off ! Caroline x


UpParent February 3, 2012 at 1:17 pm

Caroline, if you are close to Salem OR we can meet in person. If not – by skype. If you are serious contact me.


Angie August 29, 2019 at 1:06 pm

Great advice. The tree graphic you created says it all.


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